“Alright, Mr… I’m sorry, how do you pronounce your name?” Felicity asked the creature across the desk from her.

“GMPWALYYYYFRCHA!” he, as the creature identified itself, answered with an indecipherable howl. That about matched the ugly scribble he had written down.

“Uh-huh,” Felicity nodded, tapping her ball-point pen on her oak desk, “Do you mind if I just call you Mr. G?”

The tall, hunched biped nodded its oblong head. At least, Felicity assumed that was a nod.

“Right, so the reason we’ve called you here today is to discuss a concern with your most recent tax filing. I understand the Xylox species’ unique situation of being able to claim yourselves as dependents. I’m afraid that only applies if you either begin the mitosis process during the last fiscal year or are carrying an existing genetic growth at the start of the year.”


“Yes, I understand that the Xylox year is 152.3 days longer than an earth year, but when you earned U.S. citizenship, you agreed to abide by our calendar,” Felicity explained.

Mr. G stroked the bowling ball-sized growth on one of his narrow hips, his thin frame bristling uncomfortably.

“MELORP GFASTU,” he eventually mumbled, well it was a Xylox mumble (which is more of a growl than a roar).

“I’m glad you’ve decided to work with us on this. Now if you’ll step into the next room, my assistant Brian will help you with your next steps. Have a good day, Mr. G,” Felicity smiled at the Xylox creature as he stood up and walked out of the room. He was so tall he had to crouch to keep from hitting his oblong head on the doorway.

After Mr. G had left the room, Felicity tidied up her desk and pulled out a file from one of her desk drawers. She had an appointment in ten minutes with an agent with the FBI. He was coming to consult with her about a break they finally had in the Slender Man case. The agent had mentioned something about trying to catch him on tax evasion.