Who am I?

I’m Kreig Durham, a professional web developer by day, aspiring author by night. From before I could even read, I’ve been obsessed with writing books. As a small child, I would draw pictures and dictate a story to my mom, making my own little books. As a teenager, I would write story after story, obsessed with getting the stories in my head down on paper. Being an author has been my lifelong aspiration, and this space is part of my plan to make it a reality.

I write adventure, mystery, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, and more. Anything that sparks my imagination and gets my creativity going will probably end up here. One of my major goals for the year is to write more, and I plan to put a lot of that writing here. I write because I love it, but I do intend to finally get published.

My wife Amanda and I live in New Mexico with our two sons. When I’m not working or writing, I’m usually spending time with them. My other hobbies include video games, woodworking, and tinkering with computers.

Help me write more

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